1. So you guys do vinyl right? 


2. Hold on, you mean you only do hand -painted signs? 

Got it in one, buddy. 

3. These lines look a little wobbly, what's up with that? 

We take pride in clean work but a painted line is always gonna have the odd wobble here and there. It's what gives our signs life. 

1. I need a sign tomorrow, can you get over here? 

2. I'm interested in learning sign painting, do you run workshops? 

3. Are you guys hiring? 

4. How did you get started as a lettering artist & sign painter? 

5. What materials do you use? 

6. Can you recommend any books on lettering? 

7. How much is all this going to cost?

8. What's that weird stick your using? 

9. I live outside the UK, can I still order a sign? 

10. Is that real gold? 

11. I have a vehicle I'd like painting, is that something you can do? 

12. ?