October News

We have been celebrating the change of season here at Luminor Sign Co. Whilst welcoming the crisp weather here in London we have also been looking back at some of the great projects we have worked on over the summer.


One of our favourite summer projects was working with the wonderful Anna Mae's. We were approached by the dynamic duo Anna & Toni 'Macaroni' back in January and asked if we could bring some extra flavour to their beloved  'Burt Reynolds', a 1980's GMC truck. From there we went full throttle, doing all their menus and fascia signs for their 'Mac not Crack' events catering company. Anna Mae's set up their shop back in 2013, hitting the ground running with appearances at all of the Summer's best events and swiping a spot in The Guardian 'Top Ten Street Foods' . They fast became our Summer favorites and we even managed to catch up with them for a macaroni and boogie at this year's Shambala festival! 


We're honoured to be working closely with our friends at the fabulous Cafes Belleville, Paris. After giving us the task to create their branding back in 2014, this amazing Paris based coffee company has gone from strength to strength, opening their classic 10th arrondissement outlet, La Fontaine, and now their second roastery in the Belleville neighbourhood of Paris.  We've been lucky to join them step by step, producing design for print and web as well as all the hand-painted signs and gold leaf work in their venues in Paris. 

Over the summer we were asked to create a beautiful bespoke mirror for their new cafe with the text: 'Jus De Chausette EXTRA' which translates as 'Sock Juice', an expression in French for bad filter coffee. We had the chance to add all the bells and whistles on this one: mirrored gold outlines, a gradient of 24, 22 and 18CRT gold leaf, pearl inlay, with a distressed mirror background, finished off with a decorative Art Deco border.


Now everyone is back from their holidays and settling into Autumn, we've been inspired to create an array of show cards for various businesses, expressing the seasonal change and giving some pop to folk's window displays.

Show cards - are paper or card signs used in shop displays and were common place up until the 1960's. Lots of sign painters operated 'card shops' which specialised in just this type of sign, made quickly using calligraphy pens and brushes. This design was based on a design by a London Show card writer named W.A. Vickers who operated in the 1950's.

Dapper Signs Take-Over


We are stoked to announce the impending arrival of Jimmy 'The Killer' Cooper aka Dapper Signs hailing from the fine city of Bristol. He'll be the first of what we hope will be an on-going series of sign painter's 'take-overs' here at The Luminor Sign Co. For those who know Coop's work, there's a lively bounce and old school flavour (often peppered with his characteristic salty language!) to his work that is instantly recognisable and still wonderfully original – and always fun.

For the week of the 23rd to the 27th of October Coops and Ged will be producing some snappy window splashes and paper signs for local business in and around the Brick Lane area. As well as some requests from neighbours such as Rose DIYHunkey Dorey Vintage and Flashback Records we'll also be taking quick commissions on a pay what you want basis - just don't expect to have too much control on the exact message or style! Feel free to drop us an email with any requests.

201713Apr GED PALMER22-1_filter_small2.jpg

A little about Luminor Sign Co: Lettering artistGed Palmer opened up shop at 145 Bethnal Green Road back in March, basing the shop on the original 'Luminor Sign Co' which stood on the corner of Old St & City Rd and closed it's doors in 1938.